Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blockbuster Store Closing Clearance

For the past couple of years, a number of video stores have closed up shop in the metro-Detroit area.  Netflix and similar computer download programs make it so convenient for consumers to view and return DVDs and CDs that the traditional video rental store has become a bit passe.  Hollywood video closed up shop a few years ago and it seems like local Blockbuster locations might be headed in the same direction.  Over the next month or so, three locations on the western end of metro-Detroit will be permanently closing their doors.  This will spell the end of an era for a lot of locals, but it can also add up to great savings for film buffs.

1.  Closing April 19th
     30997 5 Mile Rd
     Livonia,  MI  48154-3641
     (at 5 Mile and Merriman)

2.  Closing February 26th
     18732 Middlebelt Rd
     Livonia,  MI  48152-3528
     (at Middlebelt and 7 mile)

3.   Closing March 25th
      22350 Middlebelt Rd
     Farmington Hills,  MI  48336-4937
     (at Middlebelt and 9 mile)

The prices at the Middlebelt and 7 mile location are (of course) the best right now since they are closing the earliest.  Right now you can purchase used DVDS (blue ray included) for $3.99.  The same films at the other locations are around $9.99.  There are also extra discounts available for DVDS and games which are missing the original artwork and casing--especially if you buy more than one of these.  

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