Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brita Freebie Update

Sooooo, in light of the moneymaker deal on the Brita Basic water filtration pitcher, I thought I'd head over to my local Walmart to get lucky.  I was not lucky.  I was beyond unlucky.  Not only was my local Walmart out of the coveted $8.97 Brita Basic water filtration pitcher, but (as the kindly salesperson informed me) the other two Walmarts within a 30-minute drive were also out of the pitcher.

To complicate things a bit further: if you look on the Walmart website, all of the pitchers under $12 have been snatched up.  So, apparently couponing is a competitive sport. 

Heartbroken, defeated even--I headed over to Meijer to see if they had any comparably priced pitchers.  I hadn't seen any of the other couponing websites mention Meijer so I didn't get my hopes up.  But...Meijer has them.  AND they are only a couple pennies higher than the Walmart price :)  So, if any of you ladies are interested in picking one up, try Meijer.

Brita Basic Water Filtration Pitcher
Regular Price:  $8.99 
Use $4 coupon from Smart Source
Redeem $10 rebate from Brita Corp.
Total:  $5.01 profit

If you still can't find a pitcher, CVS has them available for $8.99 here.  Even with shipping time, you should be able to redeem the $10 in plenty of time.  The rebate offer as well as the $4 coupon don't expire until March 31st.

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