Thursday, January 19, 2012


Behold the carnage that is...Brita-gate:

Many of you have seen posted here on Dirt Cheap Detroit (and on pretty much every other couponing blog out there) that Brita had a mail-in rebate on their water filtration pitchers for $10.  If you combine that with the $4 coupon available in this week's Smart Source, you stood to make a PROFIT of $4 - $6 just by purchasing a water filtration pitcher.  Well, I guess Brita didn't take too kindly to that idea and now the rebates printed and mailed off to Brita are null and void.

Brita isn't giving any definitive answers, but they have made it clear that they have no intention to uphold their end of the rebate agreement.  Here is a snippet of one of the MANY customer queries/complaints on the Brita Facebook page:

Their Facebook page is being blitzed by customer complaints.  Some are threatening to call the FTC, the BBB, and a few initials that I haven't heard of...others are threatening a class action law suit.  However this works out, I'm thinking Brita isn't gaining any loyal fans by nixing their $10 rebate--especially when that rebate deal is supposed to be effective until March 31st.

A few posters on Facebook are blaming couponers...say what?  I am 100% certain that Brita did not intend for consumers to make a profit off of their product (they are in a profit-making business after all); however, you can't blame the consumer for Brita's errors.  If a store makes an error when advertising a price for a product, you can't blame the customers standing in line with the product for wanting to capitalize on the deal that THE STORE advertised.  I am a little more sympathetic when this sort of thing occurs at a mom and pop shop, but when a multibillion dollar business (with their cavalcade of accountants, lawyers, and marketing reps) flubs with their advertising...I, for one, am a bit less forgiving.  

If you have comments/complaints/queries, feel free to contact Brita on their Facebook page or on their customer service page.

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