Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plum Market Groupon deal

Note to readers:  pay attention to the fine print for Groupon deals!  Soooooo, my Plum Market Groupon was actually restricted to the bakery section of their store.  The bakery was fairly large and filled with artisan breads, specialty pies, petite fours, and individual-sized cakes.  Since I'm meeting up with girlfriends later tonight to celebrate my bestie's 32nd, I figured I'd just pick up something sweet for her.  So, tonight she'll eat, drink, be merry, and have cupcakes:

That's the red velvet cupcake, the chocolate mocha in the center, and (at the behest of the baker who packaged my cupcakes: "OMG Everyone LOVES the bubble top--seriously.  No seriously...") the bubble top chocolate cupcake to the right.  Since Plum Market is an organic store, there are no supremely odd additives in their baked goods (some of which are actually provided by Zingerman's Bakery--a name that might be familiar to more than a few Michiganders).  Since I can pronounce and am familiar with all of the ingredients, I think that makes them healthy--stop smirking.

I also picked up a fruit tart petit four to round out my $10 Plum Market Groupon.  I would've taken a photo of it, but it is already digesting.

I'll have to take another trip to Plum Market to check out their produce and some of the other aisles in the store.  I didn't have time today.  The staff was super friendly, the store was clean and even though I had to basically beeline for the bakery, the place appeared to be clean, well-organized, and well-stocked with various produce/foods.

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