Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Grocery Haul week of 1/22/2012

I didn't need a ton of groceries this week, but I did run up to pick up mascara, freebies, and deals that hovered around the $2 and under mark.  I visited CVS, Meijer, and Target this week.  Stores tend to run out of items that are free or super cheap, so it is best to go before the middle of the week.  If you are like me this week and you missed out on the Sunday - Tuesday shopping, be sure to find out when your local store plans to restock; you never know what the stock will actually be until the merchandise is put on the shelves, but you MIGHT get lucky mid- to late-week as well. Here are a few of the items I picked up this week:

1- International Delights 16 oz Creamer                                         
1- Kotex U Panty Liners                                                                   

1- Up and Up single roll paper towel                                                   
1- Market Pantry 64 oz Apple Juice                                                  
6- Healthy Choice Frozen Meals                                                   
5- Marie Callendar Frozen Meals                                                  
1- Revlon Photo 3D Mascara                                                      

1- Carmex lip gloss                                                                          
1- Aquafresh Extreme Clean travel size toothpaste                                      
2- Lipton Green Tea 18 ct.                                                              

Total Retail Value:  $50.28
Total after sales, in-store coupons, and manufacturer's coupons:  $ 19.75

I think I'm getting better at couponing :)  I even remembered to use my Meijer Mperks.  They didn't actually lower my bill this time around, but practice makes perfect!       

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