Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clearance Section: Meijer and Walmart

A quick tip to anyone looking for great deals in the market:  in addition to perusing the weekly sales paper, clipping coupons, and scouring the internet for additional manufacturer's rebates--be sure to check out the clearance items at your local supermarket.

There are many good deals to be had on items in the clearance section.  I will admit that sometimes the items are defective, chipped, scratched, or well beyond their expiration date.  That's why it is always best to examine the merchandise carefully and check the expiration date before making a purchase.  Assuming that goes well, then feel free to purchase the items + any coupons you might have available.

My local Meijer had Tylenol PM in the clearance section this week.

50ct. Tylenol PM Caplets: regular price $7.34
Clearance price: $5.13
$1 off coupon from Smart Source
Total: $4.13

Meijer also had the 90 ct. Tylenol PM gel tabs on sale for $9.79.  The $1 off coupon is also viable for this deal.  However, the expiration date on the 90ct. gel tabs was in November of THIS year whereas the 50 ct caplets weren't due to expire until 2014.  Given that I do not have a large family and my headaches aren't so frequent that I'd go through 8-9 tylenol a month, I decided to go with the 50 ct. box.

On to my next items:  2 coffee mugs in the clearance section of Walmart:
Now...I know you're thinking, "Wasn't Christmas LAST month"!?  Yes, yes it was. In my defense, the holiday will roll around again before you know it and when it does:  I will be sipping cocoa out of my chubby Santa and Rudolph with a lollipop Christmas mugs.  They were on sale for 90% off the clearance price:

18oz. porcelain Christmas-themed coffee mugs, regular price $1.48 each
Clearance price: .74 each X 2
90% off of the .74 price= 7 cents
Total: 14 cents for two coffee mugs or 7 cents per

So again, be sure to peruse the clearance section of your local supermarket while you're there.  You never know what you might spot there!

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