Monday, January 16, 2012

Brita Water Filtration Pitcher...Earn Cash!!

Considering a number of Americans are now drinking filtered of some type, it is economical to invest in a Brita water filtration system.  You save tons of money every year if you stockpile a single Brita water filtration pitcher plus a few extra filters versus the price of bottled water.  However, Brita has actually sweetened that deal even more this week.  In fact, this was such a good deal on a Brita water filtration pitcher, that I thought I'd do this price comparison in a separate post:

Brita Standard Pitcher $16.99
$2 in store coupon
$4 off coupon in Smart Source
$10 rebate available here:
Total: 99 cents

Sounds good right?  Hard to do better than a Brita water filtration pitcher for under a buck.  But, gets better:

Brita Classic Pitcher, $14.99
Use $4.00 off coupon in Smart Source
Earn  $5.00 Extra Bucks Limit 1
Submit $10 rebate posted above
Total: $4.01 Profit

Yes, that's a profit of $4.01 in your pocket.  You're actually GETTING PAID to purchase a Brita water filtration pitcher.  If that doesn't already sound sweet enough, there is actually a better deal available if you buy the pitcher from Walmart this week:

Basic Brita Pitcher $8.97
Use $4.00 off coupon from Smart Source
Submit $10.00 mail in rebate posted above
Final Price: $5.03 Profit

Yep.  The purchase of a Brita water filtration pitcher is actually putting $5 back into your pocket.   Note that the rebate offer used to be available on the Brita website, but it was taken down shortly after this week's sales on Brita water filtration pitchers began.  It is available on this link and will probably not be there for very long.  Also, you have to keep in mind that these Brita water filtration pitchers will probably sell out fairly quickly this week--so get yours while you still can!

A trillion thanks to Krazy Coupon Lady for this deal.

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